Interview with Wood Marchant Director of Collegiate Recovery at the College of Charleston

In today’s podcast I sat down with Wood Marchant, the Director for the Collegiate Recovery Program at the College of Charleston. Wood shares how important it is to have a team around you when getting sober and what he’s learned over the last two years since the program has started. A recovery program is a natural fit on a college campus as college is full of academic and social pressures and its tempting to use alcohol as a crutch for dealing with these pressures. It’s amazing to see what can happen when you take the first step in admitting there is a problem and see how many doors open when you realize how much help is available. 

What is a sponsor?

In today’s episode Brady and I discuss what a sponsor and the importance of finding one that you trust. A sponsor is somebody is that you hope and pray has your best interest at heart and you have to take that leap of faith and trust the process that it is all going to work out. Sponsors are humans too and that’s important to remember. Oftentimes we want to hold our sponsors to another level and that’s not fair to them or to us, – but trust your own judgment and remember we are all in this together!

Being Stuck!

"Have you ever felt a little “eh”? Even though today was a beautiful day, I can’t help but feeling a little stuck recently. Today I sat down with my good friend Brady where we talked about the ying and yang of sobriety. Sometimes you can’t get out of your own way so it’s great to have someone I can rely on like Brady who can help me get “unstuck.” Listen to today’s podcast and realize that even if you’re feeling a little stuck its only a temporary feeling. Let’s get “unstuck” together!”

Interview with Louise 54 Days Sober

“This disease is predictably unpredictable, every day is like Groundhog’s Day. It’s the same thing over and over again, the same promises… the same broken promises, waking up feeling awful and avoiding conversations because you don’t want to face it and talk to people you may have said something to the night before.” During today’s podcast episode we talk to my friend, Louise, who is in short term recovery. Click the link to listen to her powerful journey"

Interview with Steve Palmer co-founder of Ben's Friends

During my visit to Charleston, I had the honor and privilege to meet with Steve Palmer, co-founder of Ben’s Friends, a food and beverage industry support group offering hope, fellowship, and a path forward to professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. 

Listen in as we discuss the challenges of recovery, the stigma associated with addiction and the steps we can take to make those in recovery feel comfortable sharing their stories. Thank you, Steve, and thank you, Ben’s Friends!

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Sunday

Did you hear… the Eagles are in the Super Bowl?!

The City of Philadelphia is so excited and it is so much fun to witness an entire city happy about the same event. The Eagles have yet to win the Lombardi trophy and I’m hoping they finally do on Sunday night! I will be cheering for them decked out in my Eagles fanfare!

Although the Super Bowl is often associated with game day beers, I won’t be drinking and neither will my husband. If you’re anything like us and have has decided that alcohol and you don’t mix how are you going to enjoy this game and not drink! Well I have a couple of ideas for you:

Here is a link to my podcast with Brady who is an ex professional ice hockey player! He goes into detail as to what he is going to do.

Also, I have included 8 tips to help you on Sunday night:

1.     Bring your drink of choice with you! Or have it at home to enjoy. Sparkling water, a lemon, soda, juice, tea whatever is your favorite make sure you are prepared. Check out different recipes of mocktails.

2.     Remember that this is a game. It is only going to be one evening – not the rest of your life!

3.     Remember the last time you drank and how badly things went – or as I say, play the tape. You don’t want to feel like that ever again.

4.     Reality check! I believe that half the reason Philadelphia gets a bad reputation is because people drink too much! When you hear the stories of how the Viking fans were treated at the last game, I would bet that the people who were so rude were intoxicated! Alcohol doesn’t always bring the best out in people.

5.     Enjoy the yummy food – yes, it is a fattening evening! Chicken wings, dips, cheese, sandwiches, pizza to name a few! Enjoy the food and be sure to have some dessert. The sugar can really help with the cravings!

6.     Have a plan to leave the party, bar, or get together because if you start to feel uncomfortable, you always want to have an escape plan!


8.     Lastly, Go Eagles!

YOUR Sobriety, YOUR Choice

  • Whether you share your experience or not is up to you. Everyone is different!
  • You don’t owe it to anyone to share your story, but for some people in recovery it helps (both you and others)
  • Addiction often brings shame along with it and sometimes that shame carries over into sobriety. Whether you share your disease of addiction or not, you should be extremely proud of your accomplishment in being sober. 
  • I share my story in the hopes that it will reduce the stigma associated with addiction; however, it’s not for everyone and that’s fine too!

"it's easy to be selfish when you're battling addiction"

Once you realize that drinking is causing problems in your life and you want to make a change, it can be challenging… especially around the holidays. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of an intense (but fun) festive season. So many people are out and about getting everything ready for their big celebrations, running around and making lists! Sometimes we forget that the most important thing to prepare for is your mental health!

Keeping the Hope Alive

  • There’s no guidebook on how to help your child suffering from substance abuse disorder
  • Parents can manifest symptoms of addiction by worrying about their child struggling with addiction. They need to seek help too!
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself or concern yourself with “what ifs” – we do the best we can with the hand we were dealt
  • “As long as there’s life, there’s hope.” Don’t give up on your child, or yourself.  


Education- National Geographic Cover Article: The Science of Addiction 

Today’s podcast is about a National Geographic article about addiction (find the link below)

·     21 million Americans have a drug or alcohol addiction

·     There are new forms of treatment

·     Researchers and scientists are working on solutions