Episode 116 Richie Crowley is Riding Across America

Richie Crowley

Richie Crowley

Richie and I talk about his journey of 18 months clean and sober and his latest quest which is, the Wellness Ride, you can find more information by clicking: The Wellness Ride is an 85 Day Athletic Art Installation. Basically Richie has designed the ride to educate the public on the accessibility of wellness and encourage individuals to invest in their own wellness, while also raising meals for the hungry across America. He will be documenting the intimate moments of this adventure through writing, images and good ole fashion pineapple dances.

The goal of the wellness ride is to raise 5,000 meals and empower individuals to invest in their own wellness.

Richie is very passionate about his sobriety, meditation and plant based diet. His enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious.

The books he mentioned in the podcast are:

Undo It - reverse disease with plants
Finding Ultra - sobriety, adventure and plants
The Blue Zones Solution - longevity through accessible wellness.
How Not To Die - plant-based eating made simple

You can follow Richie:

Donate and Follow Ride: The Wellness Ride

Follow: RickieTicklez LinkTree

Thank you Richie for all that you do and your fearless personality. We are excited to hear all about your adventures when you get back to LA October 10th!

Be Careful and keep getting Busy Living Sober

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Episode 112-Relapse doesn't mean game over!

Weezie and I talk about her experience with relapse and what it was like and how she got back.

Just because you relapse doesn’t mean you can’t get back on the wagon.

Here we have some suggestions and tips as to how you get back.

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Keep getting Busy Living Sober.

We also want to thank all of our loyal listeners we are all on this journey together.

XO Bizzy and Weezie

Episode 111 The Squirrels in Your Head.....

Weezie and I talk about the thoughts running through our heads and how our head tells us lies!

The lies are always negative, we need to learn to not listen!

Talking to a friend or a loved one about how we are feeling rather than keeping things to ourselves is one of the key ingredients to a happy life.

Here is the link to the article about how addicting Facebook is…


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Episode 110 Interview with the Founders of The Women In Recovery Conference

I had the opportunity to interview Snow and Diane who founded the Women in Recovery Conference in Delray Beach, Florida. We talked about the history of the conference and this years upcoming event that is the weekend of August 16-18, 2019.

Please check out https://www.thewomeninrecovery.com to register.

Come make new friends, share your story, get support and most of all have fun!

I will be there and I hope you can make it!

Please reach out to me with any questions at Bizzy@busylivingsober.com

Episode 108 My Daughter is Going to India!

Hello My Followers;

I am starting something new this week, I will be interviewing individuals on subjects that I feel that you will find interesting. This week is my first and I have interviewed my daughter about her upcoming trip to India where she is going to study Buddhism. I think you will find it interesting.

The Bizzy and Weezie conversations will continue on Tuesdays and Thursday will be interviews.

Let me know how you like it and keep getting busy living sober!


Episode 106 Can One Really Handle Life with a Hangover?

Weezie and Bizzy talk about what it was like to manage life with a hangover.

Does booze do anything to enhance your life?

We all need a little faith rather than always going to FEAR!

Feelings, feelings, feelings…..

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But most importantly keep getting busy living sober!

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Episode 105 What Defines Rock Bottom?

Weezie has been going to the prison to visit the women that are incarcerated. On these visits she has learned a lot and shares with us what the inmates are going through.

What I found so surprising is that 100% of the people are there due to drugs and alcohol.

A lot are repeat offenders, some even question hitting rock bottom?

Very insightful podcast this week.

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Episode 104 You tried to stay sober and you picked up.....

Weezie and I talk about when you have decided that you can’t drink anymore and you quit for a couple of days or months and you drink again. You feel terrible but change that and get back on the wagon.

What to do with your feelings.

Being open and honest with your friends and family.

Setting healthy boundaries and how it is to be true to yourself but it is necessary.

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Conversation with Richie Crowley

Richie is 27 years old and sober! How did he do it?

What are the three tools he has used to stay sober since he decided to quit?

Richie is the Co-Founder at Wild But Well, Creative Director at My Poet Is A Pervert and Challenge Designer at Scare Your Soul. He does all of this and manages to live a life that he loves! Richie has a zest for life and you can hear it in this podcast.

If you would like to reach out to Richie here is how you can:

Email: richardcrowleyiv@gmail.com

Instagram: @rickieticklez

Wild But Well (website): Wild But Well

Medium Writing: Writing Profile

Substitutions with JF

You’ve decided to quit drinking now what are you to do with all of this free time…..

JF has decades of recovery and gives us some insights as to what has worked for him!

Here is the link to the free Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation challenge


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Have a great day and keep getting busy living sober!

Why can't they just stop drinking!?

Please excuse the quality of our podcast. Bizzy is in Florida and Weezie is in Philadelphia.

This week Weezie and I talk about how to cope with living with a loved one that is battling their addiction.

We get that it is really hard….

Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all solution.

We have some helpful ideas on how to cope….

The disease of alcoholism is horrible! We need more education and less shame!

Keep getting busy living sober…

P.S. If any listener has a solution to our recording quality please reach out and reach out with topics.