U2 Concert Sober

Whether you’re sober a month or 17 years, it can be challenging to step out and attend events like a concert or wedding. That being said, it IS possible and there ARE tools in place to help you enjoy your time while maintaining sobriety!

    • Seek support prior to the event to boost confidence and reassure you of your strength
    • Bring a friend who’s also sober (even if it’s just for the occasion)
    • Drive yourself so you have an easy exit should the event become too much
    • Have your phone on you at all times to phone a friend if you feel you need additional support

Resentments: a candid conversation with a friend about how much resentments affect us

One of the main triggers to people drinking is resentment, resentment towards people, places, institutions to name a few. Today’s podcast is about how to handle resentments. Bizzy and a friend have a candid discussion about dealing with resentments. I have included the definition of resentment.




bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly. "his resentment at being demoted"


Happy Mothers Day an Interview with my daughter Hadley and her friend Jill

Hadley just finished her freshman year at the College of Charleston and her friend Jill just finished her freshman year at Temple University. I spent a little time talking about what is it like being away at college and how drinking affects them .

 What is the drinking on campus/college culture? 

What’s it like having a parent in recovery? Has it opened her eyes to others with addiction? Has it made her more aware of her own social behavior? Does she feel there is a stigma associated with having a parent that is a current or recovering addict? How has it changed her outlook on life (i.e. I can do anything I set my mind to, I am more understanding and empathetic towards others, I am so lucky to have a sober/present parent, etc)

The Power of Positive Affirmations

- Recovery takes time, so it’s important to reassure yourself along the way of why you started in the first place.

- List and explain some affirmations you live by. (i.e. I love myself, I am not alone, I can and I will, I am worthy of great things, I am worthy of happiness, I am getting a little better each day, etc.)

- Meditation/yoga/mindfulness help.... when you are ready! You can set aside a bit of time every day and repeat if you find this tool helpful. 

Confronting Addiction Head-on with Mark Zuckerberg & Ryan Hampton

I want to personally thank Mark Zuckerberg and Ryan Hampton for bringing addiction to the forefront with their open and honest conversations.

Check out Ryan’s Huffington Post article elaborating on the importance of Mark’s action.


This quote really sheds light on the magnitude of our forward momentum in confronting addiction in America:“Mark definitely understands the gravity of the addiction crisis. You could see it in his eyes. He has a tremendous reach. By using his platform and resources to change the national conversation around addiction, he could save millions of lives.”

Thank you!