Emmy Shea, Artist

“Bizzy is personable, enthusiastic and strategic. She is a powerful resource who can support you through tough transitions, help you develop and implement new game plans as well as keep you motivated through all of life’s fluctuations. Bizzy will keep you on track and she helps you get results! On top of that, Bizzy is always upbeat and sincere. You’ll leave meetings with a glowing smile and feeling confident.”

Celine U, manager:

“Bizzy has helped inspire me to think positively, find my happy place, and feel good as a person. She is a true inspiration to mankind.”

John F., business owner: 

"Elizabeth calls herself a “life enthusiast” and I can see why. She exudes a very powerful positive vibe that I find infectious. She brings productive energy to all her endeavors and I have learned from her how to bring it to mine. She is truly a joyous soul and it has been a gift to me to be the recipient of her strength and hope." 

Ella R. Thumbtack

"Our first session was cut short due to some unexpected events on MY end... but in our session, Elizabeth provided real life input and well-articulated and concise encouragement and advise that demonstrated not only a clear understanding of my needs, but a genuine and authentic concern for my best interest. I walked away with a messy tissue, a weight off my shoulders, some tough things to think about and a real sense of clear direction and validation. If that isn't the purpose behind her industry I can not fathom what is. This woman has a gift. She understood me like an old friend and I can not wait to work with her again! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!"