Episode 108 My Daughter is Going to India!

Hello My Followers;

I am starting something new this week, I will be interviewing individuals on subjects that I feel that you will find interesting. This week is my first and I have interviewed my daughter about her upcoming trip to India where she is going to study Buddhism. I think you will find it interesting.

The Bizzy and Weezie conversations will continue on Tuesdays and Thursday will be interviews.

Let me know how you like it and keep getting busy living sober!


Episode 106 Can One Really Handle Life with a Hangover?

Weezie and Bizzy talk about what it was like to manage life with a hangover.

Does booze do anything to enhance your life?

We all need a little faith rather than always going to FEAR!

Feelings, feelings, feelings…..

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But most importantly keep getting busy living sober!

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Episode 105 What Defines Rock Bottom?

Weezie has been going to the prison to visit the women that are incarcerated. On these visits she has learned a lot and shares with us what the inmates are going through.

What I found so surprising is that 100% of the people are there due to drugs and alcohol.

A lot are repeat offenders, some even question hitting rock bottom?

Very insightful podcast this week.

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Episode 104 You tried to stay sober and you picked up.....

Weezie and I talk about when you have decided that you can’t drink anymore and you quit for a couple of days or months and you drink again. You feel terrible but change that and get back on the wagon.

What to do with your feelings.

Being open and honest with your friends and family.

Setting healthy boundaries and how it is to be true to yourself but it is necessary.

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Conversation with Richie Crowley

Richie is 27 years old and sober! How did he do it?

What are the three tools he has used to stay sober since he decided to quit?

Richie is the Co-Founder at Wild But Well, Creative Director at My Poet Is A Pervert and Challenge Designer at Scare Your Soul. He does all of this and manages to live a life that he loves! Richie has a zest for life and you can hear it in this podcast.

If you would like to reach out to Richie here is how you can:

Email: richardcrowleyiv@gmail.com

Instagram: @rickieticklez

Wild But Well (website): Wild But Well

Medium Writing: Writing Profile

Substitutions with JF

You’ve decided to quit drinking now what are you to do with all of this free time…..

JF has decades of recovery and gives us some insights as to what has worked for him!

Here is the link to the free Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation challenge


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Why can't they just stop drinking!?

Please excuse the quality of our podcast. Bizzy is in Florida and Weezie is in Philadelphia.

This week Weezie and I talk about how to cope with living with a loved one that is battling their addiction.

We get that it is really hard….

Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all solution.

We have some helpful ideas on how to cope….

The disease of alcoholism is horrible! We need more education and less shame!

Keep getting busy living sober…

P.S. If any listener has a solution to our recording quality please reach out and reach out with topics.

What is the difference between being sober and in recovery?

Thanks to our friend in Dallas for asking what is the difference between being sober and in recovery.

Weezie and Bizzy talk about what these two different terms mean to them.

Please reach out with any topics or questions you may have and we will address them in our next Podcast.

Keep getting Busy Living Sober

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Weezie Moved! How did she do it SOBER?

Moving is one of the top three stressor’s how did Louise do it?

What did she find when she was packing up?

How did her children handle it?

She did it SOBER and is living the rewards of sobriety.

You can too!

Please reach out to me at Bizzy@busylivingsober.com and if you have a message for Louise please send it to me and I will forward it to her.

Keep getting Busy Living Sober

Cravings and Playing the Tape

What to do when you get cravings…

JF and I talk about some solutions to the craving problem, like playing the tape.

What does playing the tape mean? Please listen.

We want to thank our friend in Texas and our social media friend for reaching out and asking us to talk about these subjects. If you have a topic you would like for us to cover please reach out to Bizzy@busylivingsober,com

Full disclosure the video I was trying to make didn’t work so I’ll try again another time.

Until next week keep getting busy living sober.



Relationships and Acceptance

JF (my husband) and I talk about acceptance and what tools we use in our relationship and relationships with others that works for us.

Setting boundaries, doing nothing, bottom line is get into action!

God knows way more than we will ever know.

Hi to my friends in Virginia and Texas!

Keep getting Busy Living Sober

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WE HAVE NEWS!!!! SOBER MOM"S!!!! Happy 2019!!!

We are starting something new this year, Sober Mom’s!

This week we discuss:

Wine being the answer to our problems! We think not!

How to manage life without alcohol.

Sober January???

If you have a topic that you would like for us to cover or a question please reach out to Bizzy@busyliviingsober.com

Thanks for listening :-)

Here is louise if you have wondered what she looks like

Here is louise if you have wondered what she looks like