Episode 116 Richie Crowley is Riding Across America

Richie Crowley

Richie Crowley

Richie and I talk about his journey of 18 months clean and sober and his latest quest which is, the Wellness Ride, you can find more information by clicking: The Wellness Ride is an 85 Day Athletic Art Installation. Basically Richie has designed the ride to educate the public on the accessibility of wellness and encourage individuals to invest in their own wellness, while also raising meals for the hungry across America. He will be documenting the intimate moments of this adventure through writing, images and good ole fashion pineapple dances.

The goal of the wellness ride is to raise 5,000 meals and empower individuals to invest in their own wellness.

Richie is very passionate about his sobriety, meditation and plant based diet. His enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious.

The books he mentioned in the podcast are:

Undo It - reverse disease with plants
Finding Ultra - sobriety, adventure and plants
The Blue Zones Solution - longevity through accessible wellness.
How Not To Die - plant-based eating made simple

You can follow Richie:

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Thank you Richie for all that you do and your fearless personality. We are excited to hear all about your adventures when you get back to LA October 10th!

Be Careful and keep getting Busy Living Sober

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