Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Sunday

Did you hear… the Eagles are in the Super Bowl?!

The City of Philadelphia is so excited and it is so much fun to witness an entire city happy about the same event. The Eagles have yet to win the Lombardi trophy and I’m hoping they finally do on Sunday night! I will be cheering for them decked out in my Eagles fanfare!

Although the Super Bowl is often associated with game day beers, I won’t be drinking and neither will my husband. If you’re anything like us and have has decided that alcohol and you don’t mix how are you going to enjoy this game and not drink! Well I have a couple of ideas for you:

Here is a link to my podcast with Brady who is an ex professional ice hockey player! He goes into detail as to what he is going to do.

Also, I have included 8 tips to help you on Sunday night:

1.     Bring your drink of choice with you! Or have it at home to enjoy. Sparkling water, a lemon, soda, juice, tea whatever is your favorite make sure you are prepared. Check out different recipes of mocktails.

2.     Remember that this is a game. It is only going to be one evening – not the rest of your life!

3.     Remember the last time you drank and how badly things went – or as I say, play the tape. You don’t want to feel like that ever again.

4.     Reality check! I believe that half the reason Philadelphia gets a bad reputation is because people drink too much! When you hear the stories of how the Viking fans were treated at the last game, I would bet that the people who were so rude were intoxicated! Alcohol doesn’t always bring the best out in people.

5.     Enjoy the yummy food – yes, it is a fattening evening! Chicken wings, dips, cheese, sandwiches, pizza to name a few! Enjoy the food and be sure to have some dessert. The sugar can really help with the cravings!

6.     Have a plan to leave the party, bar, or get together because if you start to feel uncomfortable, you always want to have an escape plan!


8.     Lastly, Go Eagles!