" I am still a shopping addict "


“I still am a shopping addict”.! Amen! This is just an example of one of many lines that I could relate to in Elton John’s new movie Rocketman.

I loved it, it was absolutely fabulous. Taron Egerton’s portrayal of Elton was marvelous. The acting, music, and dancing that portray Elton John’s life and his battle with addiction was brilliant! If you are battling the disease or one of your loved ones is, this movie is a true example of how awful it can get and how exquisite it can be on the other side.

As an addict myself living in long term recovery, this movie was a perfect example of how atrocious addiction can get.

Living in active addiction is horrible. Especially when you know it is killing you and you just can’t stop using! I cannot express in words how heinous it is for someone experiencing this. The only way I can describe it is living in pure HELL!  

I’m not a rock star and I’m not famous but I am an alcoholic and I remember feeling like I wanted to die. I remember thinking that booze was my only friend, and I remember feeling like if I can’t drink then how am I going to manage life! Booze was my best friend and my GOD! I cried at the end of the movie because I could relate so much to what he went through.

Hitting bottom is personal. Human beings are diverse and each person has their own journey and own awareness. One may have one bad experience with drugs and alcohol and that is their bottom while another may lose everything they love and still not hit “bottom”. 

We are all exceptional in one way or another but how we experience things is different. Love is the one feeling we all long for.

I believe that if more people could speak openly about their addiction then things could change!

I personally applaud Elton John for his honesty, strength and humility in sharing his life on the big screen for all to witness. My hope is that this movie helps people by giving them courage to ask for help, to know that they are not alone. To know that wow, Elton John asked for help and he got better. He still has fun, has a loving relationship, a family and is SOBER! He is living life one day at a time without drugs or alcohol.

If you are you are battling addiction and you feel lost and alone please go see this movie. I promise it will give you some HOPE!

Please don’t let your bottom be death. Have courage and reach out!