An anonymous poem

Damn you alcohol, you took so much

For I allowed you to be my number one crutch

 I loved you because you helped me deal with my pain

But over time you were robbing me of being sane

 You crept in at a slow pace

But quickly took over to where I couldn’t save face

 You made me do things for which I am not proud

Quietly sneaky, passing out, I did not need to be loud

 Progressive you were for sure

My actions were too much for many to endure

 A problem, not me, I’ve never been in trouble with the law

But to loved ones I hurt, things were quite raw

 Parties, parties, let’s go to a bar and drink

No, not me, drink alone and pour down the sink

 No one will know what’s up

Until somehow, they always found the cup

 Alcoholics are bums on the street

Never so many wise alcoholics did I ever think I’d meet

 I’m a winner, and achiever, there’s nothing I can’t beat

You’re the reason my life turned into deceit

 Many a nights of drink, I thought I fooled them all

But did I? I can’t remember many nights at all

 My kids were fearful mom and dad would divorce

Only a matter of time, before it would be the course

 You let me get away with it a night or two

But in the end that’s when it dropped; the other shoe

 It took a long time for me to finally see

I was hurting so many more than just me

 You want me dead

I finally have that in my head

 You had such a hold on me

That I just could not see

 Putting down the drink is only a part

Getting sober comes from the heart

 It works if you work it so they say

Something I didn’t practice back in the day

 Through AA and my higher power

I will no longer allow you to make me cower

 Day by day is the way for me

And slowly my loved ones will see

 I am stronger than you at least for today

And that is how I will keep you at bay