Today is my four-month wedding anniversary and it has been four months since I sent out a newsletter! I guess this means that married life is going well!

To be honest life has been crazy with helping my youngest get into college and my daughter falling and breaking her arm. I have been too busy to write. But, I committed to doing this today! I miss writing and reaching out to my peeps.

I’m back! I am not going to promise weekly blogs until Henry graduates but as often as I can I will reach out.

We had a fabulous wedding and honeymoon and came home and got started on some home projects. Why do we cause unnecessary stress in our lives? I don’t know but we do! Henry got into his second choice in colleges and was waitlisted with his first. Hadley was skateboarding (don’t ask me why LOL) and fell off of the board which resulted in her front tooth breaking and her right arm. Never a dull moment.

I’m no longer working with Zero to 5ive which I miss because they are so awesome! I am on my own no more training wheels. Big girl now!

What is going on that is exciting?

I have been following a friend that has been trying to get sober for a couple of years now and monthly I am interviewing her for my podcast and here is a clip of her last interview. She celebrated four months last week! Louise is an example that we can quit drinking one day at time. Here is the clip to our latest conversation:

Louise 4 Months Clean  http://busylivingsober.com/podcasts/2018/4/30/louise-4-months-clean

On top of Busy Living Sober, I also started Whole 30 a week ago. Which brings me to what I really want to talk about. Someone reached out to me and asked, “How do you not drink and then add Whole 30?  (where you can’t have dairy, gluten or sugar) “my answer like most of my answers is One Day at a Time.

24 hours in one day and let’s break it down, shall we. We are up for 16 hours (we should sleep at least 8 hours a night, in fact Deepak Chopra claims that sleep is the number one thing we need to live a long and prosperous life) in that 16 hours you spend time eating, watching TV, working, socializing, exercising, shopping and so on. My point is that if you make yourself and your desires a priority you can do anything!

Falling in love with yourself is number one! No more putting other thoughts about you into your head. It is time to look in the mirror and take ownership of your own body and mind. Now if you medically need medication or you need to see a doctor to help you love yourself, please do. I am not saying that this is an easy task falling in love with yourself, but it is possible.

“How?”, you may ask. I reach out for help! This did not come naturally. I had to endure enough pain and sadness that I couldn’t go on, I was desperate. I needed HELP!

It was a very painful, crazy notion coming from a woman who thought she could handle life and all that comes with it alone. The truth was that I couldn’t handle life! I need help.

Today, the first thing I do when starting anything is I look for a partner, sponsor, friend that I can go to and bounce my ideas off of. Someone that will listen and not judge me! A real friend! Let’s face it 4 eyes and 2 brains are better than one! Find someone!

When I decided that I wanted to do Whole 30 I put it out there, on Facebook, to see who wanted to do it with me and a couple of friends responded that they were interested and now when I’m feeling like I really want a Twix bar or and ice cream cone I go and tell the group. The point is I am not doing this alone.

Get with someone and don’t isolate!

Try this and let me know how it works for you.

I have also included last week’s Mocktail video and Whole 30 delicious recipe.

Tangy Tonic- Whole 30  http://busylivingsober.com/blog/2018/4/27/tangy-tonic-whole-30

Enjoy and please reach out with any requests or questions. Remember that you are worth it!

Keep getting Busy Living Sober