Pellegrino Sunshine

Dried Organic Turmeric

Fresh or Dried Ginger Root  

Honey Organic Local



Pellegrino or your favorite Sparkling Water

Bring 4-5 Cups of water to a boil

Turn down the heat add

1-2 tsp of Fresh Ginger sliced

1-2 tsp of Turmeric

1-2 TBSP of organic local honey

Boil for 1 more minute

Take off of the heat and let cool add juice of ½ of a lemon

Put ice in a glass with a knife or something metal (if the mixture isn’t all the way cooled so the glass won’t break)

Pour ½ way up the glass and fill the rest with sparkling water.

Makes 4 servings

This is not only delicious but healthy!


Frozen Peach Mocktail Margarita


Two Fresh Peaches peeled and pitted

1 lime

Fresh Orange Juice

Favorite Sparkling Water




Take two glasses and dip them in water and then roll the rim in salt.


Put about a cup of ice in the bottom of a blender

Add 2 Peaches (peeled and pitted)

A splash of OJ

2 cups of sparkling water

The juice of 1 lime squeezed


Pout into the glasses!

Garnish with peach slice!

Enjoy and keep getting Busy Living Sober