Understanding the alcoholic

Alcoholics are not bad people!

When an alcoholic is drinking, they tend to exhibit behaviors that one may characterize as unhealthy, evil, naughty or rotten. But, is that the true charter of the person? I would say not!

I have spoken to countless family members that reach out to me for help and advice. These people will usually go on and on about all of the horrible things this loved one has done while drinking. For instance, they crashed the car, they spent a lot of money, they have been kicked out of every place they live, and they are now living on the streets. These family members without fail will then say, “You know, Bizzy when X is sober he is so kind, sweet, loving and sensitive”!

If you were to describe an alcoholic while sober some adjectives used would be sweet, sensitive, loving! The problem is that they have an allergy to alcohol. Their bodies cannot process alcohol. In fact, they can have just one sip and they change! Maybe the change is not visible to you on the outside, the transformation happens inside the person in their brain! One sip and ding, ding, ding the brain says..”Yay! I want more! More and more!” And most times, the alcoholic can’t resist that temptation.  

This is hard to understand if you don’t have this disease! Alcoholism falls under the mental health umbrella.

For me, Elizabeth, I knew subconsciously for a long time that I had a bad relationship with alcohol… when I drank bad things happened to me.  I didn’t remember the night before, I would say things and hurt people that I loved, unintentionally. I stopped and looked for a solution before it got really, really bad, but if I pick up a drink my life will ultimately spiral out of control it isn’t a matter of if it is a matter of when!

So, to understand the addict you have to understand that this is a disease. Just like diabetes! My goal for 2017 is to help more people realize this, and to let everyone know there is hope!

I will continue with this next week when I go on Facebook Live! Tuesday, January 10th 8pm EST. time! Tune in!!!!