Admitting Fault

Who ever wants to admit fault? Not me prior to quitting drinking. But now it is actually a way of making me feel free, if that makes any sense. As the old saying goes, the truth will set you free… it’s so true. If you don’t believe me, try it!  

Admitting fault and taking responsibility is sign of strength!

Too many people are fearful of being honest and worry that if they tell the truth something bad will happen. Yes, it may hurt another or change a situation in your life but it most likely won’t be life threatening. In fact, it will give you respite and a chance to sleep with a clear conscious.

Growing up Catholic it was something that I learned in Sunday school… go to confession, admit your sins and repent. You were taught that if you went into a confessional and told a priest all that you had done wrong that your sins would be forgiven. My description sounds a lot less daunting as it is in person.

I’ll always encourage you to admit what you have done and set yourself free! We can admit our truths to anyone; you just have to be sincere and with remorse but freedom is attainable.

Please don’t let the fear of truth keep you out there. Admit it and be free! Get busy living in the moment rather than regretting the past or holding it in!