Achieving Goals!

I have had one particular dream for a very long time! A dream that was and still is tough, but I know it’s becoming attainable because of my hard work and persistence!

When I started this journey, people along the way have doubted me… call them Debbie Downers. But, luckily for me I never let them get me down! I have always been positive and kept trying! Even when people have questioned my intentions or my goals and I didn’t know the answers, I smiled and powered through it. There will always be obstacles and people trying to shut you down, but you can’t let that distract you from accomplishing your dreams.

I learned not to give up after I got sober. Getting sober was not easy but it was attainable and it taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to.  I have never given up even when it has gotten really tough! Even at low moments, like when two of my closet friends passed away, I put in the work to stay sober. I didn’t give up and still haven’t! I always take it one day at a time and I’ve realized that’s the best way to achieve your goals.  

As I mentioned in this week’s vlog, I have some amazing news! Please stay tuned!  

Please don’t give up! Fear is a daunting thing, but faith trumps fear any day!