Staying the course

It’s probably no surprise that most of us have wanted to give up on something at one time or another. Perhaps you wanted to give up on playing a sport as a kid or on a job as an adult?

Staying the course and not giving up is one of the hardest things to do. In some cases when we want to give up, all we need to do is wait instead of react. I know that it is hard not to react when we are uncomfortable with our situations or circumstances, but that is part of life. A person can never be sure that their choices and decisions are right until we give them a chance to pan out.  .

Personally, I have decided to change things without waiting in my life and it would have been better if I had waited and stayed the course. There were times earlier in my life when I didn’t like a job, I would immediately start looking for a new one without seeing what would happen if I stayed a bit longer.

From my experience I learned that everything in life does not happen instantaneously. We all have to take time to breathe and be, and just stay the course!