The Feelings Associated with Change

Labor Day represents the last (unofficial) day of summer, and fall is just around the corner. This change in season may be leaving some of us with feelings of anticipation and perhaps sadness. 

Some of us may be thinking, “Was our summer exciting enough?” or “Did I do all thing things I wanted to do?” And, others may be sad that you did do all of the things or they are coming to an end.

With all of these emotions and expectations leaving us feeling a little uncomfortable and sad, we should all try to just sit with those feelings and just be instead of reacting and trying to rid ourselves of those feelings.

Gratitude is a great tool to use to get us out of a funk! It reminds us that we can change our view and be happy and thankful for the things we do have. It also reminds us not to dwell in the things we don’t have.

It is also helpful to remember that life is speeding by and we shouldn’t wish it away. Time is something that is precious and we can’t get it back. So rather than wishing it away, cherish it.

This Labor Day Weekend, I will be getting busy enjoying all of the gifts around me! Those gifts include the ability to see the leaves changing and beginning to fall, or the rain.

Having the gift of sobriety opens up so many things for me – and the one I most cherish is the ability to live life to the fullest!

So please get out there and get busy living this last weekend of summer! Don’t dwell on what could have been this summer and live with no regrets!