The Emotional Trip to Drop My Daughter Off at College

Oh my goodness! I thought dropping my daughter off at college hundreds of miles away may be tough, but I didn’t expect to be so emotional. When we were leaving, I broke down and cried hysterically.

Why you may ask?

She is starting her new life far away from her family and following her dreams.

My ability to have and feel these emotions was a good thing – not a bad one! If I weren’t sober, I would have wanted to push these emotions away and use alcohol to deal with it because I was afraid of feeling. Being sober, I was able to feel every single emotion I had and actually be able to deal with it and feel good about it. Today, I am not fearful of feeling anymore and I am okay with that!

Recently, I was talking to a younger person and he said that he thought that being sober was cool! He said it was way cooler than getting drunk or high!

Is the shame associated with addiction finally starting to disappear? I really hope so! My mission to change people’s view of addiction may be working. I am not taking the credit for this. I believe that young people today see the damage that drinking and drugs d0. And, to see a friend get and be sober today is COOL!

So, I will continue my mission and keep feeling while having life busy living sober!