In this week’s vlog, I will be discussing mindfulness. Throughout my life, I never wanted to meditate and thought it was a waste of time.  I also had a major misconception about it. I thought that it meant that I wouldn’t have any thoughts if I were meditating perfectly! However, that is not the case. Mindfulness and meditation allows you to really stop and understand your thoughts.

“Stop. Breathe. Be.” This is a tool that I learned during a mindfulness course I recently completed that helps me in so many ways. The most important is that it has given me the ability to sit in the moments. I can do it anytime and anywhere. For example: when I’m playing golf – before I swing – I take a deep breath and let it out. This action gives me a chance to be right there in the moment and not at my next swing. This has also helped me tremendously with sobriety and other areas of my life.

So, here is my advice: please take some time to just breathe and be! It makes life a lot more enjoyable. I promise!