This week’s vlog topic is about breathing. After taking a mindfulness course, I realized how important it is to breathe. It is no secret that as humans, we must breathe to stay alive. But, when we really take time to take a deep breath, we give ourselves the ability to clear our heads and our thinking. By concentrating on our breath, we can inhale and feel the air coming into our nose and our tummy expanding. When we exhale, we feel our tummies flatten.

Everyone has negative and positive thoughts in their head at all times. However, as a recovering alcoholic, instead of immediately reacting to those thoughts, I take them in and try to stay mindful. I want to let them float by! Due to my addiction, I tend to focus on the negative thoughts rather than the positive ones. Addiction has a horrible stigma, and that is my reason for starting Busy Living Sober. Fortunately, that stigma along with my negative thoughts is disappearing with the help of breathing.

Try breathing and let me know how it worked for you!