My Journey From Addiction to Recovery: Part 2 "The Aha Moment"

This week, I am back to continue sharing my journey from addiction to recovery. Last week, I spoke about my addiction to alcohol and now I am sharing what it took to make me see that I needed help.


I wish I could say the night when I had my last drink was horrible. That night I didn’t have metal around my wrists while seeing lights and hearing sirens around me. I was completely alone!


On that fateful day – almost 10 years ago now – I had started drinking in the afternoon around 4pm. I was drinking an entire bottle of wine by myself and just kept on drinking. That next morning, I woke up and said I was done – for real this time! I couldn’t drink anymore!


That was it.


Check out the vlog above for more of my story and stay tuned for part 3 of my journey on how my life is today busy living sober!