My Journey From Addiction to Recovery

In this week’s vlog, I am going to talk a little bit about me and my journey from addiction to recovery. In this week’s installment, I will talk about when my addiction to alcohol began.

My life of drinking was fun – I loved it! I was always the life of the party! However, I was also carrying a big secret. I didn't like myself. Life had too many uncertainties and was overwhelming! My home life wasn't what life looked like on TV and I wasn't in love like people were portrayed on my favorite shows. I also had a lot of fear! So, I drank a lot- to the point of blacking out – to deal with all of the things that I didn’t like, which was very scary!

I knew my way of drinking and coping wasn't normal, but being an alcoholic was not an option. Being an alcoholic was like having leprosy – anything would be better than being an alcoholic. My huge fear was that I was an ALCOHOLIC! Oh my gosh the shame!!!!

Stay tuned for next week to find out what happened to make me realize my addiction and how it was affecting me.