We all make choices in life. Some choices are easy, like where to go to dinner or where you may shop. Other choices like where you should go to college, who should date, or if you think you have a problem or not with drugs and alcohol are a lot harder decisions to make.

My daughter decided back in April which college she wanted to attend. Her choice was not made lightly.  We revisited her number one and number two schools. She sat in on classes, spoke to students at both institutions, and after much deliberation she decided on her school! She was thrilled and sure of her decision! After a couple of months and hearing where her friends were going she started to second-guess herself.

We all do this! We all make choices and then doubt our decision.  No one knows if the choices we make are good. It takes time! It is a process.

For me, the biggest choice I made was deciding to stop drinking. It was a hard choice! It was going to change everything! Who I would be spending time with, where would I be comfortable going? It was a huge choice. Little did I know that stopping drinking would open my life to so much potential! I love life! No more regret or remorse for yesterday! Life is good! I am busy living today!