My Daughter is Graduating!

My only daughter is graduating from high school next week and I am feeling so emotional. I am happy, elated, feeling old, and sad… the list could go on to infinity! When my daughter was born over 18 years ago, I still remember how excited I was to have a baby girl! Hooray! I already had one boy and now a girl; life was perfect!

These times in my life seemed complete. It was as though all of my dreams had come true and in some ways they did, I had a husband that I was crazy about and I loved the house we lived in. It was built in the 1700’s and it had character! I felt like I could wear one of the “life is good” tee shirts everyday and truly mean it!

Unfortunately, these feelings didn’t last. They faded away! A divorce, a couple of moves, getting sober ugh… this list could go on as well. Today I am reflecting on my daughter’s life and what it has been like these past 18 years and it has been really awesome! She is an amazing person; I really, really like her and that is a gift! I know that the mother-daughter relationship can be very complicated. To say that my daughter and I are perfect and that we don’t fight would be a lie! We fight and scream at each other and I am not always thrilled with her choices, but I love her! For lack of better words she is MINE!

Putting together the flower arrangements for her party, making sure that all the reservations are made, and that all of the players will be where they need to be at her graduation, I’m a little bit of a mess. I am nutty, crazy, emotional Mom. Sometimes I need tissues, and sometimes I just need to have someone stand there and listen to me rant! I am emotional! YES I AM AN EMOTIONAL MOM! This is huge!!! Another one of my chicks is leaving the nest and it feels bittersweet!

To the parents of graduates this year, I am thinking about you! I know we all feel a little psycho, and it’s normal! Having these feelings is good! No one can take them away! And, if anyone pats you on the back and says it is going to be okay, you can give them the look, that says leave me alone! We all get it but it still hurts and feels happy all at the same time!

Good luck and don’t forget the tissues!