Addiction Should No Longer Be the Disease Everyone Whispers About

This past weekend, Macklemore joined President Obama at the White House for his weekly address. When I saw the two sitting side by side on television, I knew I had to tune in because they are an unlikely pair – one is the leader of the free world and the other is a rapper, singer/songwriter in recovery.

As I watched the address, I heard President Obama refer to addiction as “the disease that is only whispered about…” I was thrilled. Obama said essentially what Busy Living Sober is all about – it is time to have an open and transparent discussion about addiction instead of living in shame because of the disease.

During the program, Macklemore spoke about one of his friends that died at 21 of an overdose and it struck a cord with me. I, too, lost one of my best friends due to addiction. My friend Nedenia had been trying to help a man that had incredible talents. He could sing and write music, but also struggled with addiction. The man had been battling a cocaine habit for years. Nedenia believed that she could help him, but the man could never beat the habit. After getting high one evening, the man killed Nedenia, who was the one person that wanted to help him. He is now in jail and will be for the next 50 years.

We need to help addicts by talking about it! In our communities, we need to come together and refrain from judging addicts. Judgment does nothing but bring shame and causes addicts to not share what they are going through or seek help. Talking and coming up with solutions for our loved ones and family members is the answer. Whether they seek help from professionals and/or friends, every addict needs people to talk to and share their experiences with.

I started Busy Living Sober’s “Let’s Talk” in the hopes that people would be able to come and get answers as well as hear people that are battling the disease of addiction right here in our community. People don’t have to be afraid of judgment because we are all being honest and sharing our stories so that addicts won’t feel alone. We are here to help!

Enough secrets and whispering, it is time to talk! We need to help addicts and remove the shame from the disease. So, let’s get talking!