Don’t Let The Rain Get You Down: 4 Things You Can Do to Brighten Your Day

This dreary, rainy weather makes me feel sad, tired and lonely. It also makes feel like I have little to no energy, and I hate that feeling. I want to feel energized and happy!

These darn feelings…what is up with them? They are sometimes completely overrated.

My old coping mechanism of going for a drink when I feel this way is no longer an option! So what to do to make me feel happy…

·      Listen to good music: Music always gets me out of a bad mood! Doobie Brothers, Prince (God rest his soul), Donna Summer, whatever gets you moving turn on. Music tends to put me in a good mood and makes me want to dance…

·      Buy pretty, colorful flowers: Tulips are not expensive right now and they can make any room feel more alive and happy. Just the bright color and the green liven up any space.

·      Watch a happy movie or television show: One that makes me feel happy and upbeat. No down or depressing television or movies. I can’t add to the loathing feelings instead I need to remind myself of happy times.

·      Wear clothes that make me feel good: I don’t put on dark clothing and expect to feel cheerier. I put on something bright like white, green, pink or yellow. Bright colors on the outside make you feel good on the inside.

The weather can really affect one’s mood and doing little things really can make a difference. But thinking that getting instant gratification from a drink or other mind-altering substances is not the answer. All you need is a little imagination and hope! We are in charge of our thoughts and our mind.

No more sadness or feeling melancholy. It is time to live and know that a bright warm sunny day is right around the corner.