Fighting Today’s Battle, Not Tomorrow’s

Finding a way to deal with your addiction is extremely hard. As someone who battles with addiction every day, I found a solution that works for me: living in the moment and being positive. When I first started on my journey, I would think to myself, “Okay, I can go today without one drink.” But, I’d also think, “I can drink tomorrow.” To get that thought out of my head, I just had to keep telling myself that I just had to get through the present day and I can’t worry about tomorrow.

There is a saying that I love in the 12-step program that I attend which states, “Any man can fight the battles of just one day.” That is a true statement. 

I can do anything for 12-14 hours continuously, especially if I have people that I can trust and can open up to on a daily basis. I have those people in my life today, but it wasn’t easy to find them. I had to develop friendships and, most importantly, build trust. Trust is hard to build, but we all have to go out on a limb once in a while and use our ability to forgive and move forward.

Along with developing true friendships and building trust, finding a solution that works for you is key. Whether you are attending AA meetings or receiving one-on-one counseling, find a solution that you feel comfortable with. And, remember, you can only deal with the present; you can’t worry about what may or may not happen tomorrow.