Surgery and Recovery


Surgery and Recovery

Recently, I have been dealing with a number of health issues – both unexpected. I had an emergency root canal yesterday, and on top of that, I am currently recovery from a surgery I had last week. That recovery has been tough to say the least. What was interesting about both of these surgeries was that they both were conducted to remove something in my body that was no longer doing what it was supposed to do.

Coming off of the anesthesia and heading home after the first surgery was emotionally challenging and very painful. It took me four days just to feel stable and to start feeling like myself again. The recovery also took a toll on my relationship with my significant other. Let’s just say that I have been very short with people and have had little to now patience. So, I haven’t been a fun person to be around and my recovery has not been fun!

This recovery has been extra difficult because I was prescribed 20 Percocet by each doctor to help manage the pain while recovering. That meant I was going to have a total of 40 pills in my house, which is a lot! As I have been sober for 10 years, I knew that having one Percocet prescription filled was dangerous. However, I wanted to have it just in case of an emergency. Thankfully, I was also prescribed Ibuprofen, which I thought would probably help me.  

Any narcotic prescription is unpleasant. They make you feel better in terms of pain, but the rest of the symptoms that come with them can as bad as the pain such as making you feel constipated, fuzzy or even a bit loopy! You cannot even drive a car while taking them. So, what does that say about narcotic medications that we are prescribed? 

Needless to say, after 4 days of having the Percocet in the house, I took it to CVS to return it. Although I didn’t want it in my house any longer, CVS couldn’t take it back. So, they suggested that I head over to the police station to have them dispose of the medication. My incision from the procedure was killing me at that point, so I just went home and flushed them down the toilet. After doing so, I told a dear friend who responded by saying, “You know that goes into our water supply and that is why so many people drink water these days.”

I know that flushing the Percocet down the toilet was not the best solution, but I needed to get them out of my house! And, when the oral surgeon handed me another prescription for Percocet yesterday, I handed it right back to her and said that I didn’t want it. She just looked at me and said, “Okay.”

Pills and what they do to our bodies is a little sick! Take the medication Oxycodone for instance. It was made specifically for end stage cancer patients and not for route canals or laparoscopic surgeries.

Earlier this week, Paul Ryan challenged doctors to no longer write these scripts. I am hoping that this challenge is met and we can start seeing a change. Our nation has had enough with our kids and adults becoming hooked on this stuff.

Personally, I say no more painkillers. People should try Advil or even good old Tylenol. These medications work too and they don’t make you battle unnecessary problems while taking them. Don’t forget that just resting and sleeping can all help make an easy recover too!