What does acceptance mean to you?

During this holiday season acceptance is a tool you can use to get through all of the family and friend time. Acceptance is one of the keys to unlock your happiness. 

My perception of acceptance is the ability to take things as they are!  Accept that they are what they are in this moment. That is not saying that I am asking you to be a Saint by any stretch of the imagination, I am saying in the moments to accept things are the way they are, they could change in the future but right now it is the way it is.

For instance, when you are getting ready to go to an event and instead of complaining about where and who is going to be there just accept it and make the most of your time. Time is a gift that you are never going to get back so instead of wanting it to be different why not just look for some things that you do like. We all like cookies, and we all like receiving and giving gifts so if that is all you like in the event that is good!

We all have so much to be grateful for! This holiday season look for the good instead of the negative.

Busy Living Sobe