Social Media and The Holidays

Feelings aren’t always reality but they sure can change your mood fast, and checking social media does not help! Sitting at home on a Friday or Saturday night and opening Facebook… not good idea. I know when I login and see friends out having fun with other friends and realize that I wasn’t included, that hurts! In fact, my first thought might be “Why don’t they like me?” or “Why am I not good enough to be included?”

All of these feelings are real and tend to make me incredibly irritated!

How do stop these feelings? First of all, try stay off social media if you are already feeling a little blue. Secondly, make plans to go to the movies – you don’t need a friend at the movies! But, make sure you choose a movie that is fun and silly, something that will keep your spirits high. I would also suggest getting involved in something that you like, there are tons of groups you can join! There are so many options out there just please don’t get stuck feeling alone.

If the Internet is good for something it can be to bring people together; it is just about finding the right thing or group that interests you. Don’t give up!

On a side note, I have not been included in any parties this year. A dear friend told me that: A) No one I am good friends with is having a party and, B) people that are drinkers are not going to have “the sober girl” on their list. I feel this is totally fair because I am the one that came out to the entire world that I am sober. I guess sometimes with that comes consequences that I don’t love, but have to deal with. I have had a little pity party but then realized all of the outlets I have at my disposal, I just have to get into action!

Have a great week and get into action!