Happy November 8th, 2016, hope you got out to vote!

I started my journey being a recovery coach about 4 years ago now. My mission is to coach people and help them and their families deal with addiction appropriately.  

From my coaching experience I’ve realized that the shame associated with this deadly disease has to disappear! A lot of people never even get a chance to ask for help before it’s too late. That’s when I came up with the tag line, “Sober Not Ashamed,” which then lead me to start my non-profit, Busy Living SoberTM. I am still coaching and I love it!

Recently, a client sent me an amazing, astounding and awesome testimony. I have been working for this family for a while and it was signed anonymous. It doesn’t bother me and I was just thrilled to receive such a raving review but it also brought to my attention that the shame is still there. I am hoping to change that.  

If you have any thoughts on this subject please send me an email or tune in next Tuesday the 15th at 8pm EST for me to answer questions via Facebook Live!