How does one measure success? Financially? Materially? I believe there are many ways one can measure his or her own success. Before getting sober I had all of the material items that one could ask for, yet I felt as empty and alone as ever. Objects shouldn’t necessarily be what fills the void inside of us… Love, friendship and peace are feelings that fill me today. This is how I measure my own personal success today.

Since quitting drinking and starting my new journey in life, feelings are attainable. I no longer want to numb myself, which gives me the ability to feel happy or sad. Life is hard! It is not always fair no matter what you may have heard. However, once you come to terms with that, success comes a little easier.

I have had many successes and many setbacks since opening up to the world about my addiction. If I let every negative comment hurt me I don’t think I would still be out there supporting my cause. Sometimes I have small successes and sometimes even huge successes -- and those are the things that keep me going.

To hear someone say, “Thank you, I can relate to you and I am going to ask for help!” or, “I don’t care about the shame anymore!” That is why I keep trudging! After learning that a family is getting closer after being distant due to addiction or having their loved one back after a long battle with drugs or alcohol is worth more to me than any dollar sign or handbag or pair of shoes could express. To see someone have a life after a battle with addiction is where I find my success and happiness.

I will keep trying to achieve success in some form each and every day!

Keep up the hard work don’t give up! #BusyLivingSobe 

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