Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanksgiving in the past represented a time to party for me, especially when I was in college. I remember coming home and the Wednesday night before was the biggest party of all. Everyone was home and we all got together at our local bar and exchanged stories about what college was like; who partied the most, who got in trouble for what and who didn't. This was the best time! But now I think back to those times and cringe. Wow I am not proud of those nights! Drinking and me don't mix!

Back then, not only was Thanksgiving about the party for me, but when it came time to reflect on the year past and think about things I was grateful for, the things I came up with were meaningless material items. It really did not amount to be anything that was deep or meaningful. It was all stuff!

Today I am proud to say I am sober and grateful for all of my relationships, my children, all of our health. My mom went through a very tough time this summer but is home now! She’s been walking and getting better each day, and for that I am grateful! I am grateful for music, my dog... my list could go on an on but I am truly blessed beyond words. Thank you everyone for your continued support for my cause and me.

Keep getting #BusyLivingSober and have a safe and healthy holiday.