A Winter Storm is Looming….

Years ago I remember a snowstorm being the perfect time to get rip roaring drunk! You couldn’t drive or go anywhere so why not get drunk? Today, that has all changed. I have no interest in missing any of this storm. I want to be present with my children! Yes, they are teenagers but that means we can watch movies together, play games, watch the snowfall and relax!

How often in our busy lives do we really take time to just slow down and do nothing? Never! At least at my house, it seems like everyone has an agenda and wants to constantly move and go, go, go! It will be really nice to play a game of Monopoly or that new one, Apples to Apples – which I have to admit I have never played and am looking forward to it.

I won’t be bored. I have a book that I’ve been wanting to read. Today, if you have an iPad, Kindle or a computer it doesn’t matter if you have a book. You can go online and purchase one! If you aren’t a reader, check out Netflix or HBO. You can binge on “Game of Thrones!” Then you will be ready for the new season! If you haven’t had enough of the current presidential campaign, another option is the Netflix series “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

The crazy thing about drinking away these times is that you can never get that time back! It is gone forever, so why not relax, try one of the many activities I mentioned above, and just enjoy storm? It is supposed to be big enough for the record books!

The last thing you want is to glimpse back and consider the snowstorm of 2016 with complete disregard. Rather, you should have fond memories of it. Maybe you’ll say, “That snowstorm of 2016 was awesome! I beat my kids at gin rummy and we watched the entire “Star Wars” trilogy!”

Get busy living!