Being aware!

Water Sking

When I picked up my first beer at the age of 13, I thought I was cool. Little did I know that drinking beer/alcohol was going to be my number one coping skill for the next 24 years!

Drinking was the answer to all of my problems, it gave me the release from reality that I needed. I didn’t have to feel anything when I was partying; it was euphoric! I loved drinking! The blacking out not so much! My idea of an alcoholic was a homeless person. Family members had problems with alcohol and getting drunk but no one said that person was an alcoholic!

Today we know that alcoholism is genetic condition.

Do you have a problem with alcohol?

1.     Ask a trusted family member if they know of anyone that could have had a problem with alcohol or drugs. And, sometimes it could be a long lost uncle or aunt; it probably won’t take too long or too much digging.

2.     Honesty is the best policy and it is key to be honest with yourself. Who cares what others think it is about you?

3.     Realize that if you get into trouble, you can’t stop and alcohol takes precedence over more pressing issues in your life such as relationships, your job or financial obligations you may want to take a step back and look at your family history.

4.     Lastly, just because you drink too much every once in a while or you occasionally push the envelope does not mean you have a problem. If you are in tune to yourself, you know better than anyone if you need help. Just don’t let shame or self-judgment stand in the way of your health and your life!

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